See the Big Picture in Trading Systems

Banks require a trading decision support system that enables real-time analysis across multiple trading centers and exchanges. Existing business intelligence products cannot handle handle the variety of data sources and real-time nature of the decision process. As a result banks miss market opportunities while making decisions based on stale, pre-aggregated and incomplete data. What bank management badly wants is to be able to leverage existing technology investments while enabling ad-hoc analyses across extremely large volumes of data for a global user base.

Armanta can provide these capabilities and more to its trading services partners.

  • Integrates with data in-place making the integration process simple and quick – this includes environments where the data is in many sources.
  • Is grid-based massively parallel in-memory cache makes all the data available to the user base without incurring the costly delay of database retrieval.
  • Provides a loosely coupled architecture allowing individual components of the Armanta grid to be geographically dispersed right next to the data. The user base is therefore not impacted by expensive data movement delays.
  • Allows users to perform hypothesis testing safely in a sandbox without disrupting other users. This means users can test their trading strategies before deploying them.
  • Armanta’s grid has no single point of failure. This means users never face service disruption because of hardware or software crashes.
  • Offers an open architecture allowing the business to customize the platform to cater to their specific analytic requirements, both for computation and visualization.