See the Big Picture with Armanta Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting

One of the most significant lessons learned from the global financial crisis (GFC) is that banks’ information technology and data architectures were inadequate to support the broad management of financial risks. This had severe consequences to the banks themselves and to the stability of the financial system as a whole.

With the initial post-GFC regulatory projects complete, and dissatisfied with legacy approaches, banks are taking a second look at their data and risk IT infrastructure searching for a long-term and sustainable solution.

Armanta represents a fresh approach to risk data aggregation and reporting

All financial risk management applications, enterprise risk, market risk, counterparty risk, liquidity risk and reporting economic capital are ideal candidates for an Armanta implementation.

Armanta is an integrated data and analytics environment that enables a collective view of risk across the enterprise with unique collaboration tools connecting end-users at any level in the organization. Implementations are:

  • Timely – Aggregation results and reports are created on demand, delivering updated aggregations at any time of day.
  • Adaptable – The platform supports flexible reporting with self-serve ad-hoc report definition and powerful scenario modeling capabilities in a sandbox, a “private copy” of production available in one click.
  • Accurate and Complete – Within the sandbox, analysts can expose data errors, explore alternative remediation steps, and once complete, data and formula fixes can be moved in production often on the same day that problems are discovered.
  • Industrial Strength – Armanta implementations run in a grid computing environment that is a robust, fully distributed, highly scalable, and resilient adapting to changes as required.
  • Quick to Deploy – Integration with data and analytics in-place enables fast implementations by laying Armanta above existing risk technologies, leveraging prior investments.

With Armanta banks can acquire and build a sustainable, long term risk platform. With full transparency to data and calculations Armanta’s iterative development approach enables a continuous improvement process for the aggregation of data and reporting of risk metrics and economic capital. 

Collaboration tools and collective views allow the best thinking of the organization to be leveraged across the enterprise.