See the Big Picture in Liquidity Risk Management

With increased regulatory pressures worldwide, a live enterprise-wide view of interdependent risk, liquidity and available collateral within and across business lines has never been more important. The greatest complexity lies in the details of each factor, as linear assumptions are not representative of reality and pre-aggregated views do not allow for the necessary analyses required of data in its most granular form. Financial institutions have long been aware of the need but did not have the technology to enable it. With Armanta, the technology is now available.

Armanta handles a massive scale of data and runs calculations across a large grid of computers in a matter of seconds. Users can drill down through scenarios and visualize them to understand the effect of a change on individual business units, trades and holdings. When they make a change in one report, all related reports are updated with the same information. Importantly, they do not have to queue up for IT resources each time they want to perform a novel analysis or look at their information in a different way. With Armanta, financial institutions are well-positioned to succeed in today’s challenging environment.