See the Big Picture in Asset Management

Historically Asset Management firms have only had two options available to meet their complex portfolio management needs:

1. Traditional “turn-key” solutions that assume a fixed, vendor defined
investment process
2. A custom built in-house solution

Neither method fully meets the requirements of the asset manager.

What portfolio managers really want is access to all the data on demand with the ability to incorporate highly customized portfolio construction techniques. They also want to be able to test hypotheses they have about trading strategies in a sandbox before executing on it.

Armanta’s asset management customers gain these capabilities:

  • An open architecture that allows users to customize all aspects of the platform – from data management, to analytics, to data visualization.
  • Ability to model complex investment processes by incorporating data from many sources, analytics and risk aggregation techniques.
  • Ability to handle complex investment model positions at many levels.
  • On the fly ability to build and visualize model portfolios and custom benchmarks.
  • Unconstrained, ad-hoc analytic capabilities.
  • Real-time resolution of data inconsistencies.
  • Create and collaborate on “what-if” scenarios.