See the Big Picture. Make Better Decisions.

Enterprises continue to be challenged by their data. As their company’s biggest asset—data—and its “freshness,” flexibility and availability is their most valuable competitive differentiator. And now with the vast volumes of structured and unstructured data residing on-premise and in the cloud, it’s even more critical that they have an end-to-end analytic process, from data gathering to cleansing to visualization, in order to operationalize business reports and analytics. To manage and analyze their data, companies have pieced together solutions that are both hard to integrate and expensive to implement. These stitched together fixes negatively impact the business users’ ability to make agile, data-driven decisions and prevent IT from effectively managing the analytic infrastructure.

Now–See All of Your Data

Armanta’s Integrated Business Intelligence Platform gives enterprise the ability to seamlessly implement end-to-end analytic processes.

Here’s What Armanta Delivers:

  • A rich reporting, visualization and analytics framework.
  • A high-speed, massively parallel, in-memory analytic engine for operational, descriptive and predictive analytics.
  • A high-speed, massively parallel, in-memory visualization engine that scales with growth in the number of end users.
  • Sophisticated load balancing that makes the best possible use of available resources and guarantees a consistent end user experience.
  • A data virtualization and modeling layer that gives a holistic view of all the data in the enterprise and beyond.
  • A patent pending Sandbox capability for “what-if” analyses and collaboration.

Through this integrated architecture, business users are able to analyze and visualize all the data, within and outside the enterprise, using a self-service model–something they could never do before.