A large Asset Management firm in the US required an integrated portfolio system that brought together portfolio analysis, risk analysis, and portfolio construction. The firm’s proprietary portfolio and risk management technology platform had reached the limits of its capabilities, affecting daily operations and inhibiting business growth plans. Management required a powerful, flexible platform to address current market needs as well as easily adapt to future market conditions.

Access and manage static data from a variety of databases and systems – accounting, analytic, custodian, vendor-suppliedArmanta integrates with the existing data in its present locations, so integration of current and future information is extremely quick
Incorporate calculations from simple arithmetic calculations to complex models including optimizations, risk models, valuation modelsArmanta enables simple incorporation of imbedded and external calculations within the Intelligence Cache™. In addition, all dependencies between data and calculations are managed automatically so updates to positions as well as market data and user edits are reflected across the enterprise immediately
Provide full access to hierarchical portfolio relationships where one portfolio holds some portion of another portfolioWithin Armanta, the representation of information is customer-defined. Complex data relationships are easily handled
Track individual investment strategies within and across multiple portfoliosAs Armanta makes no assumptions about the customer’s data model, issues such as strategy tracking require very little effort. This is true even if a single holding can be split across multiple strategies
Provide what-if capabilities to understand the impact of proposed portfolio modificationsArmanta’s Sandbox™ capability enables what-if analysis out-of-the-box that can be private or shared among users
Provide ability to handle complex derivative instrumentsAs with the data model, Armanta makes no assumptions about the behavior of financial instruments. As a result, the desired, specific behaviors can be defined by the customer
Enable analyses across thousands of portfolios with millions of holdingsArmanta’s distributed capabilities allows the data and the associated calculations to be split across multiple machines in true grid computing
Deliver a sophisticated user-interface that will support pre-defined capabilities and also allow the end-user to perform ad-hoc analysis with point-and-click simplicityArmanta’s user-interface provides a rich set of business intelligence capabilities that allow the user to view and navigate complex data. In addition, users can interact with the information much like a spreadsheet


  • Greatly reduced time to market and reduced implementation risk by leveraging integrated, non-proprietary technology components
  • Delivery of a highly customized solution to meet specific, complex business requirements
  • Greatly reduced cost for initial deployment and future maintenance
  • High resiliency, scalability and flexibility to handle growth and change in the future
  • Reduced technology maintenance overhead and reliance on outdated software
  • Strategic platform to be leveraged by migrating additional legacy applications / spreadsheet environments in the future