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Whitepapers & Analyst Reports

Risk Data Management and BI at the Bank of Montreal
This Chartis Research Case Study details the use of Armanta at the Bank of Montreal.

Enabling Analysis On Demand: Armanta Platform
This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) Product Brief reviews the Armanta Platform and recognizes Armanta as a fast mover in the Business Intelligence (BI) platform vendor space.

Armanta Technology Whitepaper
Enterprises have accumulated vast volumes of structured and unstructured data that reside on-premise and in the cloud. Their “holy grail” has been to try and implement end-to-end analytic processes, from data gathering to cleansing to visualization, in order to operationalize business reports and analytics.

Armanta Financial Services Overview
Armanta’s platform works across a wide variety of financial services applications including risk management, trading, wealth management, portfolio management, and hedge funds.

Datasheets & Solutions Briefs

Enabling True Liquidity Risk Management Solution Brief
Immediate access and full knowledge of one’s liquidity position and the ability to react to unexpected changes in market positions is critical in the Financial Services industry.

Asset Management Solution Brief
Armanta’s asset management platform is used by the world’s most sophisticated asset managers.

Value at Risk Solution Brief
Armanta’s integrated BI platform enables true VaR management by supporting data management, complex calculation, scenario analysis, and the publication of final results.

Armanta Integrated BI Platform Datasheet