See the Big Picture with Armanta

Armanta’s Integrated Business Intelligence Platform, lets you view and analyze your enterprise infrastructure in real-time. You see the big picture–an end-to-end view of data and analytics, across your enterprise, on-premise and in the cloud. And, live information and analytics of any scale are at your fingertips. With Armanta, you can instantly visualize complex analyses, evaluate different “what-if” scenarios, and then act decisively.

The Armanta platform is an integrated technology suite comprised of a rich user interface for reporting, analytics and visualization, a grid-based massively parallel in-memory engine, and a data virtualization and integration layer.

Armanta’s History

Armanta was founded in 2001 by two senior executives who have worked with some of the most complex products and processes in financial services. Based on their experience with the information needs of large enterprises, they designed a business intelligence and analytics platform for a broad range of industries that require the ability to manage Big Data complexity.

With significant experience in rapidly deploying business intelligence and analytic solutions to its enterprise customers, Armanta focuses on next generation analytics in data-intensive industries such as: financial services, media and communications, health sciences, retail, manufacturing / supply chain, utilities, and government.

Armanta. See the Big Picture. Make Better Decisions.